2016 Ripe Tea Cake | Denong

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This is our top recommendation for Quality Ripe Puerh. It is the highest level standard of Menghai Ripe Puerh, and can be drunk now and/or aged. This will become a staple of any puerh drinkers tea collection.

Honoring the meticulous ripening process this Pu-erh has undergone, it delivers pleasant woodsy, cooling flavors that envelop your mouth and are complemented with a returning sweetness in every sip. The fragrant, herbal notes that develop with every brew deepen alongside a beautiful maroon liquor.

This tea has a very strong medicinal smell, reminiscent of Chinese medicine and incense. This tea will continue to develop year after year. 

"This a tea you will want to stock up on." -Jeff M.(Founder)

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