Limited Edition Premium Agarwood Ripe Puerh

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Teabook Exclusive. 

Limited Edition: Less than 50 cakes produced.

Origin: Hanoi, Vietnam: Old Tree Agarwood Chips 
Lincang, Yunnan, China: Ancient Tree Ripe Puerh 
Taichung, Taiwan: Processing Facility
Weight: 120 gram cake 

Tasting Notes:
This ancient and rare ripe puerh tea hosts special flecks of Agarwood. 
When steeped, the deep scarlet-colored soup offers aromas of creamy, fresh-milled cedar.
The first thing you notice is the incredibly silky smooth and thick, creamy texture. 
The tea brings calming flavor notes of ancient forest, that with multiple steeps bloom into fruity and floral notes such as plum and rose. The feel of the soup thins out as the steepings progress, with a short but clean linger.
Prior Knowledge of Agarwood and Ancient Tree Puerh Tea is recommended to enhance your experience, though it’s not necessary to enjoy this luxurious treat.

Why Agarwood?
Agarwood is considered to be one of the most expensive woods in the world and is believed to carry unparalleled health benefits.

Learn more about Mystic of Puerh Tea on Fresh Cup Magazine, Published by Jeffrey McIntosh

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