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Quality Tea Made easy.

Our Story

A Life Changed By A Cup of Tea

CEO and Founder Jeffrey McIntosh led a tumultuous early life. If you could name a destructive habit - he had it.
That is, until he had a cup of tea in Seattle's International District. He dropped out of college and quit his job the next week, journeying to Southwestern China to study tea. His quest for the world’s finest tea has driven him to apprentice with one of China’s finest tea makers, to Russia’s moneyed elite, and finally to the Pacific Northwest’s startup community.

At Teabook, we want everyone to experience the transformational powers of a cup of tea. We believe in a world where loose leaf tea is easy to find, easy to brew, and can be shared with everyone.

Sourcing You Can Trust

From The Birthplace of Tea Straight to Your Door

Teabook Green Tea Production: Hunan, China

Clean tea is good tea.
We partner with small family-owned tea farms who grow the correct varietals in the right region, with the right process. When gardeners honor these steps, the tea tree is self-sustaining - no need for pesticides or fertilizers, so we can bring you the freshest, highest quality tea at an affordable price point.

Preserving Tradition

Bringing 5,000 Years of Tea Culture to You

As legend has it, in 2732 B.C. Emperor Shennong of China discovered tea when tree leaves found their way into his pot of boiling water.

For thousands of years, tea was regarded of one of the seven official necessities, renowned for its nourishing and healing properties for both mind and body. Since then, loose leaf tea has become ubiquitous in China, used to close business deals, socialize with friends, relax, and hydrate.

At Teabook, we are working to combine the beauty of Chinese tea traditions with modern convenience.

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