Green Tea | Honey Sweet

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Name: Honey Sweet | Mi Xiang Green Tea
Origin: Changde, Hunan, China 

Tasting Notes:
strong, sweet blackberry-honey aroma.

Our special, premium green tea, once steeped, the aroma of the wet leaf reflects sweet pineapple weed and anise notes. Despite the slightly tannic feel and short linger, this has a bright and creamy flavor where the pineapple develops with each steep. 

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a tropical island when you enjoy this tea.

Brewing suggestions: 
2g. of tea for teabook tumbler
Temp: Low 175°F | 79°C (let cool 5 mins after boil)

Tea master notes:
Teapot: 4 g. of tea | 3 oz. water 
Altitude: 500-800 m | ~1,650-2,630 ft
Fermentation: 1-2%

*50g of tea yields more than 25 cups

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