Loose Raw Pu-Erh Tea | Wu Liang

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Name: Sheng Puerh | Raw Puerh

Origin:  Wu Liang Mt., Yunnan Province, China

Harvest: Spring 2015

The perfect entry-level puerh tea!

Tasting Notes:
Fresh, honey, vegetable

This light rose-gold elixir first tickles your nose with soft, sweet cherry aromas. 
Upon the first sip you'll notice a bright texture yielding a slight pucker on the center of your tongue. 
Flavor notes of young sweet cherries, roses, witch hazel and woods dance throughout the steepings. 
This lovely tea finishes a little dry around the gums with a sweet, long linger. 

Brewing suggestions: 
2g. of tea for teabook tumbler
Temp: Med 185-195°F | 85-90°C (let cool 3 mins after boil)

Tea master notes:
Teapot: 5 g. of tea | 3 oz. water 
Altitude: 1,200 m | ~3,940 ft
Fermentation: Post-fermentation
Short infusions: 15-20 secs

*50g of tea yields more than 25 cups

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