Ripe Puerh Cake | Lincang

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Name: Ripe Puerh | Teabook Lincang

Origin: Lincang Area, Yunnan Province, China

Harvest: 2016 Spring and Fall Material (Pressed 2017 Spring)

This 200 gram exclusive tea cake is the perfect entry-level puerh tea!

Tasting Notes:
Smooth, earthy, nutty, camphor

Our Teabook Lincang Ripe Puerh is a wonderful entry-level morning treat, a blend from the famous pu-erh trees of Lincang. A strong heavy traditional Lincang style ripe fermentation process, gives a nice natural kick with sustained alertness. Take its moist and natural woodsy aromas with you for a pleasant morning walk and enjoy its honey-like sweetness and soft notes of date sugar with just a hint of dryness.

Brewing suggestions: 
2g. of tea for Teabook tumbler
Temp: High 205°F | 96°C (let cool 1 min after boil)

Tea master notes:
Teapot: 6 g. of tea | 3 oz. water 
Altitude: 2,000 m | ~6,560 ft
Fermentation: 5%, roasted after fermenting

*200g of tea yields more than 100 cups


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