White Single Serve - 20 Pack Bundle

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Name: Aged White Tea | Shou Mei

Origin:  Fuding, Fujian Province, China

Tasting Notes:
Mild, sweet, honeydew

This Aged white tea is a unique but luxurious production, looking a little close to Bai Mu Dan but with more silver haired tips. The dry leaf invites you in with hints of honeydew melon and when brewed, an aroma of sweet bread and blackberry pie emerges. 

The light gold liquor has flavor notes which dance between shortbread, biscuits with sweet cream and even hints of rose. This is a full-bodied white tea that enters round and is smooth throughout.

Brewing suggestions: 
2g. of tea for teabook tumbler
Temp: Med 185-195°F | 85-95°C (let cool 3 mins after boil)

Tea master notes:
Teapot: 6 g. of tea | 6 oz. water 
Altitude: 600 - 800m | ~1,970-2,625 ft
Fermentation: 15-20%

*One tea packet is good for one 10-12oz glass of water